4 Lash Trends That Will Be Huge This Upcoming Halloween Season

Stand out from the crowd with distinctive and creative lash designs. Come in first place at the hottest costume parties in your city, and maybe even get the high-value door prize. For a bold, fun, exciting Halloween costume, stretch your creative muscles and embody the fullness of your outfit and persona this season. Halloween lash extensions can level up your ensemble in spooky, magical, or dramatic ways. The opportunity to go all in and out is endless. 

Unicorn Magic 

Are you going for the authentic Lisa Frank aesthetic with a surreal otherworldly and fairytale unicorn costume? Intense Rainbow promade volume mink lashes are the perfect accessory. Rapid trays include red, green, white, pink, yellow, blue, and purple. Combine all seven colors and become the rainbow. With every flit of the lash, a blended rainbow of unicorn magic greets everyone you meet.

Classic Black Cat

Halloween lash extensions in brown ombre lashes can offset the perfect cat costume with big theatrical eyes and even more dramatic eyelashes. Create a hybrid lash look with the mixed box, which includes 12 to 15mm lengths. If you’re going for a look like a zombie kitty, try the red ombre lashes. A cuter Hello Kitty look can be achieved with a blue ombre, with long magnified end lashes.

90s Aerobic Instructor 

When hot colors were in, color blocking, scrunch socks, leotard and legging layers, sweatbands, and big hair was trending, American fashion may have been at its most fabulous or most insane. But either way, the nostalgia of the 90s is still unmatched and makes for one of the most exciting and easy-to-pull-off costumes! The stock of hot colors that glow in the dark, like our UV-colored lashes, or show your friends you’re serious about your look will add every bit of charm to your outfit.

We love the hot pink volume mega eyelash extensions, the stunning orange rapid promade lashes, and blue 5D for this look. The glow in the dark can take you from day to night if you and your crew end up dancing or screaming under some black lights. Don’t forget your windbreaker!

Y2k Babe 

Name a better time for fashion when metallic blue puffer jackets, silver track pants, baby blue-tinted sunglasses, and platform sneakers were in. For a Millenium fit, without the fear that midnight would blow up the world, try the vibrantly colorful promade lashes. Deck out your bottom eyelid with the classic white eyeliner, and highlight your lids with a snowy white lash. Try the spiked white blended with a striking blue to step it up with a bit more punch.

Mega volume lash extensions add an even bigger exaggerated flair. Accentuate your look more with the glitter 5D spikes; we think the blue and silver spikes will make your costume pop. And you absolutely cannot forget your butterfly clips. 

Halloween lash extensions are a great time to try a color for the first time and experience a radical second-take look. Ready to upgrade your Halloween with a jaw-dropping statement? Find an array of costume add-ons in any color on the color wheel. We can help!