A Step By Step Process On How to Safely Remove Promade Lash Extensions

Today, there are many types of eyelash extensions to suit the growing demand for this popular beauty trend. What can we say? Lashes really do bring out the gleam in your eyes!

With the development of different lash extension techniques and fans, it’s important to consider lash safety and maintenance. The best Promade lash extensions are in demand because of their quick, easy-to-use application. However, like other extensions, improper removal can damage the natural lashes. For this reason, we recommend you have a lash removal procedure done by professionals.

Follow along with the steps listed in this guide for expert removal that ensures lashes remain healthy, intact, and beautiful!

Step 1: Prepping

Promade lash extensions differ from traditional handmade ones as they already come in handcrafted ready-to-use fans, drastically reducing application time. It’s important to gather the right tools before you begin removing the Promade lash extensions. You will need eyelash cream removal, a micro swab, and an under eye patch. These products will ensure that you get rid of the eyelash extensions safely. Put the under eye patch on the client so the skin remains protected from any irritation before moving on to the next step. 

Step 2: Apply the Eyelash Removal Cream

The lifespan of the best promade lash extensions is typically about eight weeks (the usual lash cycle). This kind of longevity requires a powerful adhesive to hold natural lashes together with the extensions. If it wasn’t a strong bond, the extensions would constantly fall and would not last for an entire lash cycle, leading to some unhappy clients! 

On the flip side of this strength, though, is the fact you must have the right eyelash removal cream able to dissolve the glue. By using the removal cream in this step, you are eliminating the adhesive. You need to be extra careful while you apply the lash cream removal, as you don’t want to get this in people's eyes. 

Step 3: Remove the Lashes

After you’ve successfully put on the cream, wait however long the product guidelines recommend (usually only five minutes or so). Then carefully remove the eyelashes one at a time. Take care to clean any remaining glue around the eyes, and gently dry the eyes after the process.

Promade lash extensions are popular for a reason as they are so easy and time-saving. Plus, there are different types of Promade fans for lashes allowing customers to achieve whatever style they desire. When it comes to providing the best Promade lashes, you need to be prepared for the removal process just as much as the application. Mega Lash Academy carries the best extension removal creams for all types of extensions. Learn more about the safest products for lash removal.