Lash Mapping: What It Is and How to Use It to Your Advantage

Do you want to give your clients the perfect lashes to highlight their uniqueness and personal style? As a lash technician, you’ll find there is no better way to do this than lash mapping individual sets for your clients. Lash mapping helps you plan exactly where you will place each lash to ensure that the extensions are correctly attached and look fantastic. 

However, lash mapping cannot be done in your head, or at least not well done. It requires physically mapping out your individual client’s lashes. Mega Lash Academy provides a lashes practice kit where you can work on all of the popular styles discussed in this article.

What Is Lash Mapping?

Lash mapping is a technique used by technicians to plan and execute extension lengths, curls, and thickness. Since everyone has different eye shapes and features, you must also consider your client’s uniqueness. By building a lash set that is particular to your client’s features, you solve any potential issue or dissatisfaction through expert lash mapping. Mega Lash Academy has lashes designed into kits to help you pick up speed while you practice your techniques.

What are the Common Styles?

When choosing the right style for your client, you need to consider your client’s features. Some essential questions to consider as you decide the best style include:

  • What is your client’s eye shape?
  • Does your client have wide-set eyes, or are they closer together?
  • Are the eyes upturned or downturned?

These questions are handy when drawing up lashing maps. A few popular styles are easily customizable, allowing you to exercise your artistry and sharp eyes in creating lash sets. 

Cat Eyelash Map

This need-to-know style starts with the shortest lashes in the inner corner and gradually gets longer the farther you go. 

Doll Eyelash Map

The doll or the natural eye, if it’s done subtly, places the longest lashes in the center of the eye. You then place shorter lashes in both corners of the eyes. 

Squirrel Eyelash Map

Similar to the Cat eye, the squirrel eyelash map starts with the shortest lashes in the inner corner. However, the longest lashes are placed two-thirds of the way to the outer corner, with smaller lashes placed in the outer corners.

How to Get Started Lash Planning on a Client

Working with a client should be fairly simple. With their eyes open, dot the places you want the longer lashes. Then, with their eyes closed, draw the lash map on a gel pad underneath the eyes. You will be able to see the exact placement and length of the lashes and how they work with a client’s features.

Luckily, you can get a lashes practice kit long before you need to work on a client. Mega Lash Academy is stocked with kits to help you hone your craft. You can get your lash delivery to start practicing all the latest trends and techniques when you order from Mega Lash Academy today.