A Comprehensive Guide to Colored Eyelashes: How to Choose the Perfect Colored Lashes For The Holidays

Eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular with many different styles to suit varying tastes. And the holidays are the perfect excuse to dress up lashes. Show off your creativity with unique fans in various lengths and colors worthy of your most stylish clients. To best tailor this fun and eye-catching trend to your clientele, it’s important to know the specifics. This article explains how to choose the perfect holiday-colored fans — why you should stock colorful extensions, how to pick the right colors for the holidays, and what types of fans are available.

Why Should You Add Colored Fans to Your Services?

Offering clients a new product or service is always good for business. Not only do you get to incorporate more artistic expertise into your work, but you stay ahead of trends and ahead of the competition. Though colored mascara has been around for a while, colored premade fans are relatively new. Some clients wear colored fans every day, but more often, they’re worn for holidays or other special occasions. The benefits of wearing colored extensions are adding volume and length to your own lashes. Play the lashes down with a more subtle ombre, or go big with dramatic color. Whatever look your client is going for, premade fans can create an eye-popping look that enhances their eye color, fits their face, and expresses their personality. 

What Do You Need to Consider Before Your Client’s Colored Lash Appointment?

There are a few important considerations before choosing a colored lash fan for your client. 

  • Overall look: Discuss with your client what look they are trying to achieve and the occasion so you can best meet their expectations.
  • Eye considerations: Advise your client on colors that will work best for their eye color. It’s also important to consider your client’s vision, especially if they wear glasses or contacts. If they aren’t used to wearing lashes, make them aware of what to expect.
  • Time: Allow plenty of time for you to do your thing. Spending a few minutes talking to your client about their needs is critical to a successful outcome. So, too, is spending the time to apply them, keeping in mind colored lashes often take more time to apply than regular lashes. For that reason, we recommend using premade or promade lash fan sets to save time for you and your client.
  • Clear Adhesive: Colored lashes require specific products for the application. For example, avoid using adhesive with black coloring, as this can take away from the color of the lashes. 

Why Are Holidays Popular Times for Colored Extension Services?

Offering colored extensions is an excellent opportunity for you to provide a premium service and increase revenue. Though it may take longer to apply, colored extensions are still a bit of a novelty. Advertise different colors throughout the year to match holidays for clients who may be unaware you offer this service. 

Rocking eyelash colors for different holidays is a great way to have fun and get into the seasonal spirit. Not only can it be an exciting, eye-catching way to drum up business, but it also lends itself to creative artistry and experimentation.

Halloween Lashes

No doubt the most popular holiday for colored lashes, Halloween offers countless ways to express your creativity through lashes. Lashes come in a variety of colors and styles to compliment almost any Halloween costume, so expect clients to make all kinds of color requests. And be prepared with various colored fans for clients to choose from. You could also recommend a set of fans in a classic Halloween color, orange. The color pairs well with most eye colors, not that anyone will notice anything but those fabulous orange lashes. Having some colored premade lash fans (don’t forget orange!) on hand on this stylishly wild holiday is an easy and convenient way to increase your services to current clients—and attract new ones.

Christmas Lashes

When it comes to Christmas lashes, you can never have too many red and green colors on hand. However, for your clients with blue or gray eyes, be sure to recommend the red color as it will specifically make their eyes stand out. Anyone with dark eyes should try a bright color, like green, to make their eyes pop.

With Christmas so close to New Year’s Eve, you will likely get clients asking for gold or white lashes too. Stock up on colored volume lash extensions for a dramatic New Year’s Eve party look. 

Valentine’s Day Lashes

Pink lashes will take your Valentine’s Day look to the next level. Try out some colored volume lash extensions in a pinkish hue. Like red, pink lashes work well with blue and gray eyes. Purple-colored lashes are also in keeping with Valentine’s Day theme (“purple passion” ring a bell?) and suit those with green and hazel eyes. 

Since Valentine’s Day pretty much revolves around the color pink and red, you should have some colored premade fans ready to speed up appointments.

St. Patrick’s Day

Green and gold colors have a hold on St. Patrick’s Day. Stock up on these colored premade lash fans for March 17. Since people typically celebrate St. Patrick’s Day over a shorter period than other holidays, speedy appointments are necessary to get clients prepped for a St. Paddy’s Day look. Colored premade lash fans are an excellent option for working with last-minute clients who would like this color for a shorter time frame than other looks.

Fourth of July

Red, white, and blue. Choose one from these colors for a subtle look, or pair them together for a noticeable style. 

These colors work well with most eye colors, so you are sure to find a style that will fit your client. Ask them more about their desired style to achieve a successful summery look for all outdoor parties planned on the fourth. 

Offering colored lash extensions is an excellent way to provide premium services to your clients while flexing your artistry as a lash technician. Grab the right colored fans and products to give your clients a finely tuned experience. Learn more about Lash 101 at Mega Lash Academy and explore our wide range of fans, lashes, accessories, kits, and inspiration!