Shipping Protection

What is Shipping Protection?

Adding Shipping Protection to your cart at checkout to safeguard against any unforeseen hiccups that may arise. By purchasing Shipping Protection, we will reship your order free of charge in the event of damage, loss, or delivered by the carrier, but not received. In the event that a replacement is not available, we will issue you a refund.

What we deem as lost:

  • Shipment states ‘delivered’ but you have not received it. Issues can be approved no earlier than 5 and no later than 15 days from when it was marked delivered.
  • Orders over $150 required a police report.

What we deem as damaged:

  • Items arrive damaged in transit – package, lash box(es) is wet, stained, torn, etc.
  • Some of your order is missing due to the box/packet opening during transit. 

Please contact us immediately if your items have arrived damaged or something is missing. Submit photographic evidence of tampered items.

What we do not cover:

  • Missing parcels or redelivery fees due to incorrect address information provided by you.
  • Delays in transit.
  • Orders stuck in customs - we cannot be held responsible for customs delays. Please get in touch with your chosen courier and pay required customs fees. If you refuse customs payments, we are not liable for any return to sender fees, and these will be deducted from your refund.
  • Items that are returned to us for a refund or exchange that are not in a resalable condition.


    We ask that you do not get in touch with us regarding a missing parcel until the allotted time has passed for it to be deemed as lost.

    We will continue to track your parcel and should it appear, we request it be sent back to us at our expense.

    What happens after your claim has been submitted:

    • After your claim has been submitted, please allow us up to 7 business days to work on your claim.
    • Once your claim has been approved, we will send you a replacement if available, or issue you a refund back to the method of payment on file.

    Our Policy for unprotected packages:

    If Shipping Protection is not purchased, the customer will be responsible for filing a claim with the carrier for the lost, stolen, or damaged package. Please use the resources below to file a claim with the carrier in the event that the package has been lost in transit & Shipping Protection was not purchased:

    Packages will not be reshipped, nor refunds given in the event that packages are lost, stolen, or shown delivered, but not received by the customers, and no insurance was purchased.

    We reserve the right to classify your package as delayed if there are known delays in your area.

    Shipping Protection does not cover packages that has a GPS location or photographic evidence that it has been delivered to your property, is with a neighbor or at a secure location.

    We reserve the right to deny claims due to insurance fraud, and/or abuse.

    Shipping protection is non-refundable. Shipping protection can not be canceled after an order has shipped.

    Based on 327 reviews
    Megahold - Lash Adhesive
    B.B. (Pittsburg, CA)
    Love this glue.

    All I can say is that I love this glue, since I found it and tried and see the amazing retention is boon. My clients are keeping coming to me. I felt so bad when people were texting me, hey can u fix my lashes bc some of them fall off. But with MEGAHOLD GLUE I don't have those problems anymore and I have been using it a few months now. And I love it.

    I really recommend this glue. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Loving these lashes!

    0.05 - Color Cashmere Volume - UV Green
    amber santiago (Worcester, MA)

    Fanned amazing and so the was the color. Absolutely love mega lash academy

    Megahold - Lash Adhesive
    Mya D (Gulfport, MS)
    Life saver this summer!

    This adhesive saved me this summer. I was struggling with retention due to the 100 degree temps in the south and an office that wouldn’t get any cooler than 79 degrees. My precious glue had a max temp of 75 degrees and was drying too fast for my speed. Then I found Megahold which has a max temp of over 90 degrees plus long retention. Since then my clients are coming back with great retention and no more calls that their lashes are shedding in 2/3 days. Thank you MLA ❤️

    Narrow 8D Rapid Promade Fans® - 1050 Fans
    Lyudmila Vadinska (Antwerp, VLG)
    Narrow Beauty

    Narrow fans - really easy to use them. I’m super thankful that I get them on time. My client was really happy with the result from her set! Thank you so much, I’ll order definitely again!!!

    8D Mix Rapid Promade Fans® - 1000 Fans
    Mya D (Portland Cottage, 13)
    So natural looking!

    The sets I did with these promade fans look so natural. I don’t think I’m ever going back to premade fans. I also love how they are in strips and easy to apply with the mega lash large silicone pads.

    14D Rapid Promade Fans® - 1000 Fans
    Mona Navid (Garden Grove, CA)
    Best lashes

    These are the best 14D fans with the base being very thin. I love using these

    5D pre-made fans

    They are so easy to work with,great quality! Will definitely be buying more!

    Rainbow lashes

    Omg I totally loved the bright perfect colors! I used the purple! They're so easy to work with. Great quality! Will buy again!

    Mini Size Lash Adhesive
    RFlores (Puerto Plata, 18)
    Super fast curing in humidity!

    Exactly what I needed. I absolutely love my Rapid glue, but the humidity here in Dominican Republic is insane! So trying this mini glue MEGAHOLD was perfect because I wasn't sure and it didn't hurt the bank as much. I had to toss 3 almost full Rapid full sized glues cuz of the humidity, :( but this mini size will probably be what I'll order on a subscription schedule ! It's exactly what I need. I am LOVING everything y'all suggest cuz it's guaranteed!

    Wispy 9D Rapid Promade Fans - 500 Fans
    Mireya Plasencia (Los Angeles, CA)
    Wispy 9D fans

    I love all your promade fans ..My clients leave happy.

    Megahold - Lash Adhesive
    Destiny Luna (Indianapolis, IN)
    Love this

    Almost quit lashing until I found MEGALASH academy. This glue works wonders for me. Picture is my 2 week retention on one of my clients.

    Works perfectly!

    Love it! Works as advertised.

    Narrow 10D - Rapid Promade Fans® - 1050 Fans
    Walezca Clemente (Providence, RI)
    Narrow 10D rapid promise fans

    Love them , and my client do too

    evil eye 👁

    this evil eye keychain is cute! I had to repurchased since I had bought before and loved it 🥰

    Blue 5D Rapid Promade Fans - 600 Fans
    Nancy Figueroa (Dallas, TX)

    Very functional, easy to work with. Snatched bases, gets the job done and my clients are super happy about it.would like to see a darker blue in the future.

    Great fans

    I really like them I just wish they had them in loose fans it’s a hassle having to prep them and put the strip back if u don’t use the whole thing but the quality of the fans are really good holds there curl as well there dark how I like them will be re ordering

    Narrow 10D - Rapid Promade Fans® - 1050 Fans
    Stephanie Vidal (Jersey City, NJ)

    Megahold + these pre made fans = Perfection.
    I created a full, dark, beautiful mega volume set with these and will nenverrrrr use anything other!

    14D Rapid Promade Fans® - 500 Fans
    Ashanti (Riverview, FL)

    Soft, dark and fluffy!


    They’re are so beautiful and so soft, vey fluffy and dark!

    Narrow 8D Rapid Promade Fans® - 1050 Fans
    Stephanie Vidal (Jersey City, NJ)
    Love love loveeee

    As a new lash tech, I did my first volume set with them and they came out absolutely gorgeous!

    Megahold - Lash Adhesive
    Abi Amaya (Round Lake, IL)
    Love it❤️

    Best retention that I had ever have with all my clients.

    14D Rapid Promade Fans® - 1000 Fans
    Bianca Estevez (Baldwin, NY)

    These lashes are so full so fluffed . My clients absolutely love megalash academy lashes and even the glue is absolutely amazing I will definitely order more “RAPID” adhesive since I got it as a sample. Best part about the lashes is the do not get stiff. Fan base 100% fan stability 100% . Also follow them on instagram for their tips on Pro made fan usage . Not all companies produce great product but MLA does and they show how to properly apply

    Add-on Adhesive
    Armondria Robinson
    Tempo Adhesive

    I’m a beginner Lash artist! I first bought the Promade Fans and loved them so I decided to try the adhesive and I LOVE ITTTT🖤🖤 Highly recommend! Magnetic to NL and perfect drying time!

    Decal Spikes
    Tina Bee (Phoenix, AZ)
    So fun

    My clients are really enjoying these fun spikes. They hold up a lot better than I expected. The spikes stay on and the decals stay on for a week or so. You MUST put the spikes on a health lash due to the weight of the spike. So far, they have not caused any lash damage to my clients.