A Comprehensive Guide to Use ProMade Lash Fans

Let's be honest; these days, clients and lash professionals alike are squeezed for time. Looking your best can sometimes require budgeting hours of prep time in your busy schedule. Sometimes, that’s just not feasible!

Promade eyelashes can easily make for quicker lash appointments than you may have thought possible. But what exactly are they and why should you be using them? Promade lash fans are handmade lash fans securely placed within their plastic tray encasement. Because they are lightweight, handcrafted, and often faux mink, the end appearance is an incredibly natural final look. The pre-separated fans of lashes make the application process smoother and more efficient. Our comprehensive guide will provide a step-by-step application to build your confidence and experience our best practices.  

Benefits of Promade Fans 

Before we jump into the first steps for applying your promade fans, it’s important that you understand the benefits of promade lash fans. From production to application, there are certain things you can do to benefit from the best promade lashes on the market.

Promade fans will assist you in adding natural volume to your eyes. They aren't heavy and uncomfortable and provide a natural eyelash that you and your clients are sure to love. Additionally, promade fans are made with Polybutylene Terephthalate or PBT, which decreases the possibilities of painful or irritating eye infections or allergic responses to lash chemicals.  

Pros and Cons

The biggest pro to using the promade fans for lashes is their speed of service. Because you won't need to sweat over every individual lash placement, you'll be able to provide quality lash extensions, maximize the number of clients you serve in a day, and get some of your time back. 

The most notable con to promade, pre-handmade lashes are their lack of personalization. Because they come in predefined sets, you're limited by how you can maneuver their look and feel. However, in our fast-paced world, you might find clients want their time back as much as you do; some may be willing to sacrifice that extra bit of personalization if it means freeing up more time in their day.

Great for the Novice Lash Tech

Promade lash fans are some of the best options for novice lash professionals who are still working out their technique and who may not have acquired the necessary confidence to custom design each individual lash. We suggest practicing with a like-natural eyelid practice kit if it's your first time using our lashes. They come with 5D to 9D lashes per fan.

Depending on fan count, they may take some getting used to, especially in the case of an option like the 6-D Rapids. You'll want to ensure you don't use too many or too few lashes at once.

Lashing with Promades is An Art: Consider These Factors 

As much as promades are time-efficient and more effortless than creating a lash one single lash at a time, there is a delicate art to applying fans. Fans must mix into the client's natural eyelashes. Yet, because they are a multi-lash application at a time, you have a few considerations, e.g., length of the lash, weight of lash, and thickness. Your clients do not want to leave your chair with lashes that feel like bird wings!

Aim for weightlessness and comfort. This will mean finding the perfect baseline between your client's natural lashes and the number of fans used. Your technique can easily differ from lash style to lash style. Bear in mind if a client wants glitter or jewel lash ends, your technique would need to shift versus a 5D or 6D lash or even an XXL eyelash.

How to Remove Lash From Its Tray

Lashes are tightly placed in their trays, so you must pull them from their position. Use your tweezers to do this carefully. You also want to be intentional about how fast or slow you are lashing. You have only seconds between pulling your lash, dipping it in adhesive, and applying it. Learning how much pressure you need to use to remove your fan is essentially as well–so practice this.

Remember to pull the fan up by the root or base, not the mid-section or the ends of the lashes, as they may get damaged. Pre-select your lash fans with your tweezers. They will be connected to a transparent strip. Pull up on this clear strip and place them on your silicone lash pad for safekeeping. The transparent strip the lashes are attached to is sticky, but ensures its security to your pad. This way, no strips fall.

Dip and Place

Once you've prepped your client's face with eye pads and other steps, you're ready to tweeze our promade fans from their strip, dip them in your adhesive of choice, and place them either underneath the client's natural eyelashes or beside their natural eyelashes. We recommend you apply promade fans with an increased amount of adhesive as these fine lashes also have tinier bases.

Adhesive Application

Not only do you want high retention for client lashes, but you also want to use the right kind of adhesive. This is probably one of the most common questions we hear. Remember, your adhesive type and technique can make or break an appointment. Avoid making already lightweight eyelashes any heavier by using glue that will add to the lash base by bulking it up. Aim for a thinner finish. The bond will be visible in the final product and won't look professional or beautiful. For a consistent and blended eyelash, apply tiny amounts of adhesive to the lash fan.

Too much glue can make removal difficult and damage a client's natural lashes. If there is an insufficient amount of glue, lashes are flitting away as soon as the client exits or even while they are in your chair. Again, you'll want to practice application for this reason. You will teach yourself how much glue is too much and where the sweet spot is. 

Dramatic or Natural Lash

For your clients who want a statement lash, a thick 9D wispy lash can play the part. The curl is voluminous and feathers for intensity and a distinctive over-the-top lash. 6D promade fans offer a lash look that appears as if they're your client's lashes.

Are you ready to give your clients that feathery, full eyelash extension their craving? Promade fans for lashes are your fast track to luxury lashes. They are available in rapid promade fans for even quicker application; wispy, ombre colored, mixed length, 18 mm, and longer are among the various styles available. No matter what your client's style, promade lash fans can be applied with ease. Try them out today!