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    Bolden is the brainchild and passion of Chinelo and Ndidi, two dynamic women on a mission to embolden women around the world by celebrating their natural beauty. The two originally met as girls at boarding school in Nigeria but lost touch after Ndidi switched schools. Little did they know how their paths would cross and culminate in becoming not only business partners, but sisters-in-law.

    Many years later, the two women now with MBAs in hand, reconnected in New York City. In a serendipitous twist, they ended up marrying brothers and became family. They both left corporate jobs to follow their passion and create a high quality line of skin care products designed to meet the needs of women of color.

    Ndidi and Chinelo saw an unmet need and went about researching the best formulations to create an effective, beauty regimen.

    Using the best ingredients to create the most effective formulations, their goal is to create a sense of empowerment, confidence and pride among all women. Believing that true beauty comes from feeling good in your own skin, they named their brand Bolden from the word embolden.

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