MLA Brand Ambassador Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Mega Lash Academy! Thank you for deciding to become our Partner. 

The following terms and conditions apply to anyone accessing or using the Program, whether as a merchant (“we” or “merchant”) or as an affiliate (“you”, "partner" or “affiliate”) who refers customers to use the merchant's product or service. 

By joining the program, affiliates accept to use the Program in the manner stated in these Terms and Conditions and are bound by them. You are not authorized to register as an affiliate or participate in the Program in any way if you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety.


1. The Role

Your role as Mega Lash Academy Partner is to use and to promote the Mega Lash Academy brand with the utmost integrity and respect for the client, the merchant, and yourself.  

2. The Agreements

  • You will keep your unique discount code confidential and to use it only for its intended purposes, and only while you are part of Mega Lash Academy Partner program.
  • You will maintain a high degree of knowledge of Mega Lash Academy website, products, services, programs, prices, features, benefits, marketing messages, processes, and guarantees. 
  • Use Mega Lash Academy brand only in connection with marketing products while you are our brand ambassador.  
  • You will adhere to the various laws, regulations, and codes that govern doing business in the United States. 
  • You and/or the merchant may, with two weeks written notice, end this agreement. The merchant may also change the role/perks with two weeks written notice. 


3. The Rules

Being a brand partner means operating with integrity and respect, which means you will not:  

  • Post anything related to Mega Lash Academy to inappropriate websites (eg: sexually explicit content, illegal activities, violence, discord, or discrimination). 
  • Sell, resell, or give away products or services outside of the Mega Lash Academy website. 
  • Make any unapproved claims about Mega Lash Academy, including those related to health, or recommended treatment of any illness or condition.


4. Approve & Deny the Registration

In our sole and absolute discretion, we reserve the right to approve or deny ANY Affiliate Program Registration. For the denial of your Affiliate Program Registration, you will have no legal recourse against us.

5. Affiliate Links & Coupon

Although an affiliate link is generated automatically, you can also create one for a single product or collection. If customers clicks on someone else's affiliate links and afterwards clicks on yours, it's yours that counts. 
On the dashboard, affiliates may or may not be assigned to one discount code, with specifics and usage clarified. You will not receive a double commission if a customer clicks on the affiliate link and then uses the coupon code. If you have not been assigned a branded coupon, you aren't authorized to advertise it. 
Affiliates may also promote the merchant's website on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as in print publications such as magazines and newspapers.

6. Commission & Payouts

If you refer a consumer to our website and they place an order, you will be paid a commission based on the Commission structure. The commission amount is determined by the order value and does not include any additional fees (tax, shipping cost, etc.). 

Payments will be made only for transactions that have been completed successfully. The Partner Program is regulated by a fair usage policy, which allows the merchant to examine each and every conversion. Status of the commission is displayed in the Conversions tab and any paid commission will be listed on the Payouts tab. Transactions that result in chargebacks or refunds are not eligible for payment.

You can redeem your commission as store credit (in form of an e-gift card) with a minimum of $10 at any time you wish, just log in to your dashboard > payouts > store credit > type in the value > get coupon and use it on your next purchase on

7. Marketing Resources

Through the Marketing Resources tab, we may share promotional media with you, such as a banner, logo, or a specific collection promotion. To distribute on affiliate channels, you may either download the media or acquire the HTML embed code.

8. Cookie

We track customers who click on your link using cookies, thus, they must be using cookies so we can track them. 
We cannot track an user who does not allow cookies or clears their cookies, so we cannot pay rewards on that person's activity. 
Cookie duration is specified in the affiliate signup form. When a customer clicks on the affiliate's link or apply the coupon, the tracking day begins. During the cookie period, every purchase made by this client on the merchant's website will result in commissions to the affiliate (the customer will not be required to click on the affiliate link).

9. Exclusion from Partner Program

If an affiliate wants to be dismissed from the affiliate program, they can send an email

We're delighted you've made it this far through this important information. 
We wish you the best of luck. You can come back to these Affiliate Program terms and conditions at any time, and if you have any questions, send an email to for assistance.