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Pésimo servicio, nunca me llegó el producto que pedí


Very functional, easy to work with. Snatched bases, gets the job done and my clients are super happy about it.would like to see a darker blue in the future.


I absolutely love the tweezers I will most definitely shopping again ❤️

Great fans

I really like them I just wish they had them in loose fans it’s a hassle having to prep them and put the strip back if u don’t use the whole thing but the quality of the fans are really good holds there curl as well there dark how I like them will be re ordering

Love it

Retention is a 10/10 with this bonder

My absolute favorite !!

These are EVERYTHING! Makes it super easy to get the wispy look

Flat Lash Tray
Anny Mejia

I love it


Megahold + these pre made fans = Perfection.
I created a full, dark, beautiful mega volume set with these and will nenverrrrr use anything other!

Love the tweezers.

Love the tweezers. They make my job so much easier. Thank you.

Great product

Love them so much!

Easy Use

Easy to use and very strong but gentle on the skin.


Help improve my retention!


Soft, dark and fluffy!

Flat lash

These lashes make such a pretty classic set.


They work very well and good quality

Favorite of all time

It’s perfect for beginners, great retention!


They’re are so beautiful and so soft, vey fluffy and dark!

Love love loveeee

As a new lash tech, I did my first volume set with them and they came out absolutely gorgeous!

Megahold - Lash Adhesive
Natalia De Leon

This took my retention game up 100% more! My retention has never been so so good before this adhesive!😭 Literally get down when it sells out lol

Love it❤️

Best retention that I had ever have with all my clients.


Always an amazing experience! Fans are always perfect and shipping is fast!

Mega hold adhesive

My favorite glue to use! It has the best retention and it works best with my room environment my humidity is normally about 30 and temp is about 70 love love love this glue


Works great!


These lashes are so full so fluffed . My clients absolutely love megalash academy lashes and even the glue is absolutely amazing I will definitely order more “RAPID” adhesive since I got it as a sample. Best part about the lashes is the do not get stiff. Fan base 100% fan stability 100% . Also follow them on instagram for their tips on Pro made fan usage . Not all companies produce great product but MLA does and they show how to properly apply

5D Promade Spikes
Easy to use

Love how easy these are to use and definitely sped up my process