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Super fast curing in humidity!

Exactly what I needed. I absolutely love my Rapid glue, but the humidity here in Dominican Republic is insane! So trying this mini glue MEGAHOLD was perfect because I wasn't sure and it didn't hurt the bank as much. I had to toss 3 almost full Rapid full sized glues cuz of the humidity, :( but this mini size will probably be what I'll order on a subscription schedule ! It's exactly what I need. I am LOVING everything y'all suggest cuz it's guaranteed!

I love the look of the L-Curl

On the right shape of eye or for clients with super straight lashes/downward pointing lashes the L-Curl is amazing, its showy doesn't dip down into the clients line of sight and retention is stellar! these 5d are nice, I have no complaints but I do wish they came in a denser more narrow fan option since the L-curl creates such pretty "liner-look" sets.

very nice

I really enjoy using these as the spikes I my wispy sets. creates a really nice focal point & some drama! wouldn't use them exclusively to do a set but love them as an add in. will buy again!

Awesome tweezers!

Grip is good and feels great. I’m so glad I found these!

Mega XL Silicone Lash Pad
Elizabeth Saucedo
So convenient

I Love the space and the flexibility this pad has. I love it

Good quality

Work well

Clear Vibe - Lash Adhesive
Danielle Steinborn

I’ve tried so many adhesives in the past many were great but my lash room temp and humidity are hard to regulate with this adhesive I don’t have to worry do to it wide range! It’s the bee knees! Most of my clients have gone from 2 weeks to three weeks for fills!

Megabonder 2 in 1 - Amber Floral

Mascara Brush Wands
Carina Tufte

Mascara Brush Wands

Too light

The pictures are a little deceiving. They are way too light thought the thickness was going to be a little more than what it was. I ordering 4 different sizes and don’t see myself using them. However they were very easy to use and took less prep time

Easy lashes

Easy to pick up and the fans are great

Silicone Lash Pad
Destiny Luna

Silicone Lash Pad

Game Changer

I REALLY love these promades! Not only are do they save so much time, they look so natural!

Megahold - Lash Adhesive
Elisette Moreno
Lash glue

It was a great glue, I still had trouble with it not drying in a good time manner

AMAZING Eyelashes

Let me just start off with saying I learned how to do lashes a couple of years ago FOR myself to do my own lashes because I live in a super small town & the only lash artist here was terrible! She finished sets in 20 minutes & made all of my lashes fall out. So I started going on amazon & buying $7 lashes on prime! I did this for several years but even with the most expensive glue out here my lashes wouldn’t last more then a few days. So I decided that the lashes on Amazon had to be poor quality after having over 30 diff name brands of every style imaginable! The “premade fans” looked **** & the volume fans wouldn’t volume. So I started doing research & come across lash academy & $40 was super expensive to a cheapo like myself but I was spending way more money every other day with $7 & free shipping lol! I bought the promade box & LET ME TELL YOU!!! As soon as I opened them I gasped! The QUALITY off the jump looked amazing! I immediately took my raggly Amazon lashes off & put these on for a wedding & OMG!! I had the fullest most fluffiest prettiest eyelashes you’ve ever SEEN that would take **** lash lady here out of business lol! It has now been TWO weeks & not only have I not lost a SINGLE eyelash BUT they still look as if I just got them done yesterday & I have so many in this BOX that these will last a long long time & I will only have to buy more because I’m in LOVE & I want all of her stuff now lol! Let’s talk about shipping.. I purchased on a sat morning & they were in my mailbox on MONDAY!!! Faster then the prime shipping I pay for monthly lol! If you are a lash artist who runs your own salon if you aren’t buying her lashes then what are you doing because you will NOT find this type of quality anywhere & not to mention what is $40-$50 on a box of eyelashes when you can lash tons customers with one set! She nailed the promade! Tiny BASE but fluff & glory! I’m so HAPPY I found her & I will NEVER EVER buy cheap lashes or buy my lashes anywhere but here ever again! Anyone who runs a BUSINESS should be buying from this website! I am one happy customer who will now be a loyal customer!! Thank you so much!

Mega bond glue

Very good glue , no issues so far

An amazing product

This glue is absolutely amazing. Most of my clients retention improved by using this glue. I love it and highly recommend it.

Great quality but not narrow

5 star quality, but are far from being narrow especially the 9mm, 10mm..

Megahold - Lash Adhesive
Alexandra Chavez
Love this !

Works amazing and I love how quickly it bonds. Must try!

Megabonder 2 in 1
Alexandra Chavez
Works great

I've been using this for a few months and it works amazing !! Must try!

Camellia 10D Rapid Promade Fans®

Hydro Jelly Collagen Infused Lip Mask - 10-pack

Wispy 9D fans

I love all your promade fans ..My clients leave happy.

4D Rapid Promade Fans® - 1000 Fans