Let's Talk About Foreign Lash Fills

In the world of lash artistry, the phrase "foreign fill" tends to evoke a range of reactions among lash artists, from raised eyebrows to internal panic. But what exactly does it entail?

Understanding Foreign Fills

To put it simply, foreign fills refer to clients who come to you for a lash fill appointment with existing lash extensions applied by another lash artist. These clients may be new to your area, trying out different lash artists, or seeking a fresh perspective on their lash style. While it may seem like a straightforward scenario, foreign fills present unique challenges that require careful consideration.

The Challenges of Foreign Fills

Working over someone else's set of lashes adds complexity to the appointment. You may encounter issues such as unknown lash quality, poor isolation, or even allergic reactions resulting from subpar application techniques. In some cases, you may find it necessary to remove the existing set entirely before proceeding with the fill, turning what was meant to be a simple appointment into a more time-consuming task.

Turning Down Foreign Lash Fills

It's perfectly acceptable, especially for less experienced artists, to decline foreign fill requests. Beginners might lack the necessary supplies or expertise to handle such situations smoothly. If you're not comfortable, politely explain your stance to the client and offer alternatives, such as a full removal followed by a fresh set.

Preparing for Foreign Fills

For lash artists ready to embrace foreign fills, proper preparation is key. Requesting photos of the client's current lash extensions allows you to assess the situation and determine if you're equipped to handle the appointment effectively. Be prepared to adjust your pricing accordingly, especially if significant modifications or corrections are needed.

During the appointment, treat the foreign fill like any other fill session. Thoroughly cleanse the lashes, assess isolation, and proceed with the fill process. If the existing lashes are excessively stuck or poorly isolated, opt for a full removal followed by a new set or recommend a lash serum to promote natural lash health.

The Opportunity Within Challenges

Despite the complexities they may present, foreign fills offer a unique opportunity for growth and client acquisition. By demonstrating your expertise and professionalism during these appointments, you have the chance to impress clients and potentially gain their loyalty in the long run.

Remember, foreign fills should not be feared but approached with confidence and skill. As you gain experience and proficiency in lash artistry, consider expanding your services to include foreign fill clients, thereby broadening your clientele and honing your craft.

Why You Should Consider Accepting Foreign Fills

We see this question a lot in Lash Groups -- "Should I accept foreign fills?" Our answer is always yes for one specific reason: you might gain a new client! Based on how you handle the fill, you have the opportunity to do an amazing lash set and hopefully gain a new client after the appointment.

Foreign fills are not something to be afraid of! However, they do require a certain level of skill and experience. Once you feel confident and comfortable with other aspects of lashing, consider taking in foreign fill clients. You’ll be able to grow your clientele and your lashing abilities!