How Much Should You Charge for Eyelash Extensions?

First things first, let’s talk about the value of the art of lashing. Hint: It’s priceless. 

You’re changing the lives of women around the world by helping them feel beautiful, inside and out. You can’t put a price on that!

But, you can and should put a price on the services you provide. 

Now then, let’s talk about the cost of those services. Before you look at lash extension costs and the prices of your services, look at the value of your service. 

You have invested time, energy, and money into your lashing art. Base how much to charge for eyelash extensions on the resources you’ve invested.

To explain, things like your time and energy are resources you will never get back (and that’s not a bad thing!). However, if you determine how much to charge for eyelash extensions the right way, your spent money will come back to you (tenfold!). 

In the end, never forget the value of what you give or the importance of what you get back. In lashing, you give and get gratification, sisterhood, joy, and so much more!

Factors to Consider


If you’ve gotten your license and certification, then show it off! Clients who are confident in your skills and experience are more willing to pay a pretty penny for killer lashes!

If you don’t have a license or certifications, think about getting them! Having proof that shows how well you know your stuff may be the thing that boosts your business numbers. Plus, a little more education has never hurt anyone!

Consider your lashing education and experience to determine appropriate prices. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to adjust your prices as you gain more experience and knowledge.

All in all, know your worth and charge accordingly! Don’t sell yourself short, but also don’t oversell your level of experience and knowledge.


As with any service, the local market can help you determine how to price your services especially in the beginning. Figure out what’s average in your area and use that a as good starting point. Reviewing your competition is also an important part of your marketing plan for your business.


Don’t go too cheap! You don’t want to be the only one in town offering $25 full sets. When you undervalue yourself, you are sending the message that we do is cheap and easy and people should only have to pay $25 for it. Save yourself (and lash artists everywhere) the headache and focus on quality over quantity when building your lash clientele.

Knowing how much to charge for eyelash extensions can be tricky. But, if you consider what we’ve talked about today, pricing will be smooth sailing! There is no set in stone numbers for prices because of how much prices can (and should) fluctuate. 

Just like any other industry, when the lashing industry changes, so will your prices. There’s no problem with going with the flow when it comes to pricing! Remember to charge appropriately, lash babes. 

Most of all, always remember the value of what we do in lashing. That’s something that will never change. Never undervalue your art and never underestimate the payoff!