Easy Guide on How to Apply Eyelash Extensions

Are you looking to improve your skills in eyelash extensions? If you have a salon business, mastering how to apply eyelash extensions can be what you need to boost your sales. 

In this blog, we'll dive into the essentials of eyelash extension application, focusing on techniques, tips, and best practices that make a difference. We will also give you advice on how to make your eyelash extension application look better than before. 

Additionally, we'll shine light on Mega Lash Academy, a leader in quality eyelash extension products and supplies. Continue reading to discover how you can transform your approach to eyelash extensions and boost client satisfaction.

How To Apply Eyelash Extensions (Professionally)

Understanding how to apply eyelash extensions elevates the service you offer, setting your work apart in the beauty industry. Here are the steps to make it happen: 

Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace

First, ensure your workspace is clean, and organized. Sanitizing tools and work area is crucial for preventing infections and promoting a professional atmosphere.

Step 2: Consultation and Planning

Speak with your client before you begin. Understand their desired look and assess their natural lashes. This step helps tailor the extension style to fit their eye shape perfectly.

Step 3: Select the Right Extensions

Choose the right lash extensions from Mega Lash Academy based on the consultation. Consider length, curl type, and thickness to achieve the desired effect. Matching these factors to your client's natural lashes enhances the overall look.

Step 4: Lash Prep

Gently cleanse the client's lashes. This step removes any oils or residue, ensuring the extensions adhere properly. Use a primer for an even stronger bond.

Step 5: Isolate the Natural Lashes

Carefully isolate a single natural lash using tweezers. This precision prevents clumping and ensures each extension is attached to only one natural lash.

Step 6: Apply the Extension

Dip the base of the extension in the adhesive. Then, attach it to the isolated natural lash, slightly away from the eyelid. This method ensures comfort and longevity of the extension.

Step 7: Set the Lashes

Allow the adhesive to dry. You can use a lash fan to speed up this process. Ensure that each extension is securely in place.

Step 8: Aftercare Advice

Inform your client about how to care for their extensions. Advise them to avoid water and steam for the first 24 hours. Also, recommend brushing the extensions gently with a clean spoolie daily.

Step 9: Remind Clients of Regular Maintenance

Remind your client to book fill-ins every 2 to 3 weeks. This routine keeps their lashes looking full and fresh.

By following these steps, you can provide a high-quality, durable eyelash extension service. This guide ensures satisfied clients and elevates your professionalism in the beauty industry.

Signs You Applied Eyelash Extensions Wrong

Knowing how to apply eyelash extensions requires precision and care to ensure a beautiful, lasting result. However, even the most skilled professionals can encounter issues. Here are the signs you might have applied the eyelash extensions wrong: 

Uncomfortable Feeling

Clients should not feel discomfort. If they report a stinging sensation or itchiness, this could indicate that extensions were applied too close to the skin or the adhesive has come into contact with their eyelids.

Lashes Falling Out Quickly

Extensions should last until the natural lash falls out. If they drop off sooner, it might mean the application was not secure. Another reason could be improper isolation during the application process.

Clumped Lashes

Each extension should be attached to a single natural lash. When multiple lashes stick together, it's a sign that the extensions were not applied correctly. This mistake can lead to premature lash loss and damage.

Uneven Length and Thickness

A professional look requires uniformity. If the extensions appear uneven in length or thickness across the eyes, the application technique needs improvement. Consistency is crucial for a natural and appealing outcome.

Excessive Loss of Natural Lashes

Some shedding is normal, but excessive loss is a red flag. It suggests the extensions are too heavy for the natural lashes or the adhesive technique is causing harm. Always choose the right weight and length to match the client's natural lashes.

Irritation or Infection

Signs of redness, itchiness, or swelling could indicate that the adhesive was applied improperly. This requires immediate attention to prevent further discomfort or health issues.

How To Avoid Poor Lash Retention For Your Clients

Poor lash retention can be a common hurdle, but with the right practices, it's entirely preventable. Here's how to avoid this problem: 

  • Prioritize Clean Lashes: Start with a clean base. Make sure lashes are free from oils and makeup. This ensures the adhesive bonds well, extending the life of the extensions.
  • Choose Quality Products: High-quality adhesives and lashes make a difference, especially if you choose from our shop at Mega Lash Academy. Our high-quality lashes provide stronger bonds and more natural looks. Investing in superior products pays off with better retention.
  • Tailor to Each Client: Every eye is unique. Customize the length, curl, and thickness for each individual. This personal approach prevents strain on natural lashes, promoting longer wear.
  • Control Humidity Levels: Adhesive cures best in specific humidity conditions. Keep your workspace within these parameters to optimize the setting process.
  • Perfect Your Technique: Practice makes perfect. Apply extensions with precision to avoid mistakes that lead to poor retention. Each lash should be isolated properly before attachment.
  • Educate Clients on Aftercare: Inform clients about proper care. Avoiding oil-based products and gentle handling can significantly extend the lifespan of their lash extensions.

At Mega Lash Academy, we believe that everyone deserves high-quality lashes and flawless results. That's why we're here to guide lash artists in providing eyelash extension services with the best products available. 

Our range of top-tier eyelash extension products ensures professionals find exactly what they need for exquisite results. With an eye for quality and performance, our selection empowers artists to deliver stunning lash applications, setting the standard in the beauty industry.