Get Lashes Wet After Lash Extensions?

Myth: Avoid Wetting Your Lashes for 24 Hours After Getting Eyelash Extensions 🫢

How many of us have accepted this as gospel truth? I certainly did, until I delved into the science and weighed it against mere opinions.

Truth: You Can—and Should—Cleanse Lashes Immediately After Eyelash Extensions

Contrary to popular belief, it's actually recommended to cleanse the lashes right after a fresh set of eyelash extensions. This practice offers numerous benefits, the most notable being enhanced retention 🫧

In the early days of eyelash extensions, the advice to avoid water for 24 hours was based on the limitations of the lash adhesives available at the time. Those adhesives required a longer curing period. However, with advancements in adhesive technology, we now know better. The adhesive we use at Mega Lash Academy for instance, is a premium-grade cyanoacrylate (one of approximately eight variations) designed to cure efficiently even in the presence of water. Cleansing the lashes immediately post-application helps to fortify the bonds with the natural lash, resulting in superior outcomes 💁‍♀️

During the curing process, vapors from the adhesive can settle on the delicate skin around the eyes, potentially triggering sensitivities or allergies. Given the fragility of this skin, it's essential to mitigate these risks. That's where the "lash bath" comes in 🛁

How to Perform a Lash Bath/Wash

Allow about 5 minutes for the lash glue to cure, ensuring no lashes stick to the bottom. Gently brush through the fresh set and remove any tape and gel pads. Apply a gentle cleanser to the lashes (like one made from Prolong) and the surrounding eye area, carefully removing any adhesive residues. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry using an air puffer or electric fan. 

This meticulous regimen not only enhances retention but also helps prevent potential irritations or allergies 🩷

May this guidance prove invaluable on your lash journey 🥰